Our History

Founded in 2005, Z Squared Technologies is a renowned network consultant working with Fortune 1000 companies. With a separate division dedicated solely to Enterprise accounts, we now develop workspace-centric solutions.


We have done projects in nearly every state and can provide quality networking and fast internet throughout the United States.

Our Services

Dedicated Internet

With our services, we offer flexible solutions up to 10 Gbps. We support multi-gigabit internet for your enterprise or large bandwidth-demanding customers. Every installation, no matter what the initial speed, is built for 10 Gbps.

Secure Network

We select devices that are proven to protect clients from malware, ransomware, phishing, and a multitude of dangerous situations. We also ensure that critical updates keep your network secure by maintaining them regularly.

Hands-on Support

If issues arise on your network, our technicians can expedite repair within a short timeframe. Our team is also available for scheduled visits to assist with special projects, unique member needs, or network expansion.


Opex (not Capex)

We provide an operating expense model for purchasing new IT infrastructure. Z² Technologies owns the equipment, so we eliminate most of the up-front financial burden that comes with purchasing. The equipment is included with our monthly managed network services.

Reliable Network

Thanks to Redundant Infrastructure, we greatly reduce the chances of our network going down, ensuring that our users have trouble-free internet access.

Four Hour On-Site Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If you need help with your network on working business days, our Network Operations team is ready to receive your request, and our nationwide field support technicians are ready to troubleshoot and repair your network on the spot within 4 hours. For added efficiency, we maintain an inventory of critical components.

Traffic Monitoring Dashboard

Customers can check their network information in real-time as well as network utilization. Our users can access the Internet at any time and from anywhere to monitor their network’s performance.


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