Challenges with Viprion Upgrades

We have accomplished a number of Viprion upgrades and we expect to see more of these types of upgrades this year. The B2100 modules are reaching end of support and this requires customers to upgrade to the B2250 modules. Although there is a migration script, it is our experience that this script is unreliable. Here is link to the official script procedure published by F5 Networks. Given that your typical customer will deploy Viprion chassis in pairs this would assume that there is an HA group/Traffic group and a failover partnership between the blades. When the upgrade script fails it causes an active/active state between the chassis and an outage.

Due to this condition we can developed a process where we take the configuration from the B2100 blade and we extract the configuration elements out. We can then replace the B2100 with the B2250 and import only the configuration elements that we require.

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